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Dawn Chorus is a wholesome, non-linear romance furry visual novel set in the cold and snow-clad Norway. 

Moving to another country for studies is a huge step, but also a chance for a new beginning. Two months into the first semester, you are about to take part in a science camp in a remote guesthouse above the Arctic Circle. There, you will meet a wide cast of characters, each with their own story. Will you choose to rekindle old friendships, deepen the bond with your acquaintances, or meet someone new? Will you uncover what secrets your friends might be hiding? And will those friendships blossom into something more?

The game contains adult content and it meant to be played by adults only, although it contains an SFW mode.

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The game is currently in development, with updates released monthly, near the end of the month, with each update first being available on Patreon and released publicly here a month later.

If you would like to support the development of Dawn Chorus and gain access to early releases, together with other benefits like sneak peeks or polls, check out our Patreon here

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The team for Dawn Chorus:
Keo - story, writing, music
hq - character design, sprites, illustrations
Roborak - backgrounds
Bakemonoy - illustrations 
Prince O' Sky - illustrations
Illustrations for Day 1 were done by Tintiai.
Main menu background drawn by White Leonard.

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Soundtrack is available here.

Updated 21 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,280 total ratings)
AuthorDawn Chorus
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, norway, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksTwitter, Patreon


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hi!, i dont remember if i asked this already but is there a guide or plans on making one? 

Hi! Maybe someone from the community will make one further down the line, we have no plans on creating any.

Are there really only five photos in this version 0.26?


On which route do I find the illustration, which is on the secound page and the secound of the third row?

The one between Mikko and MC, and Devon 

(really not good at explaining but I hope someone can help me out lol)

it in Mikko route the Seventeenth one right?

yea thank you!! :D 

no problem

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I LOVE IT! It's like a furry camp buddy. the art is so cute and the characters are so hot, but in the gameplay i missed the pause, skip and save button, but the rest is so good! When the full version comes out i have 100% chance to buy it. Congratulations

(im in love with mikko  and i dont know how can you get the photos)

(1 edit) (+1)

After finally reading all the guys routes I have to say I love how different each one is tone wise I am left with questions I understand cliffhangers but that is not what I am questioning I can't figure out whether some of the options to split the story are good or bad like weather or not to smell devons tank top give an example I mean well Devon does tell the main character not to do it again but you don't find out that Devon is gay if you don't do it so my point is I can really see how some options are definitely bad but that one isn't clear maybe it's just me sorry for the long comment

(1 edit) (+2)

devon comes out to mc no matter what in sauna scene, sniffing his tank top just makes awkward conversation and if u dont sniff it, mc comes out to him as gay and Devon's surprised

not disagreeing but that's not the feeling I got yes tank top awkward but not not didn't seem to give the same effect for a lack of a better word

(1 edit)

How do you get the polaroid Bjorn pic? Also is there a way to get that... ahem

Naughty Sauna Devon cg? 

Believe me when I have gone through devons route multiple times now just because I absolutely love the character and he only has an PG-13 CG for the sauna


currently in love with Jørgen. And I'm currently looking for a cool poncho irl. no one could have expected the impact this visual novel had on my brain the past year, when people ask me where I discovered some of the music and books I really like I just don't know what to say. Very good visual novel 10/10

hmm, now that I'm up to date with all of the routes, I find that I'm still missing one of the cgs in the gallery. Any hints/explanations for getting the top-right image in page 3 (right of the solo Bjorn, above the SFW Torulf+Arvo)?

On Bjorn route,no SFW mode.


I would die for Jorgen, omg his route has litteraly restarted and warmed up my heart, i adore him so much, it's so perfect it hurts!

thank you so much for making more content about him  <3 and for all your hard work


i'm sobbing at the references to camus, autechre & csh thank you sm 


The music references have certainly influenced my taste in music.  The only reason I know about NMH is because of this VN.  And nothing will ever top the fictional name for Nine Inch Nails 

Hi! Is there a Discord server about Dawn Chorus? I can't find it.

There is an official one for patrons, but there's also one unofficial server and I've seen the link posted in the comments here a few times, it should be somewhere a bit further down

Ohh, thanks!


I rarely have a fixation about a game, but Dawn Chorus is so good, I can't-
I love the ambiance, the story-ies, the characters, the writing, the art... EVERYTHING. Probably my favorite VN, even if it's not finished yet ! The team made and still makes an amazing work <3

Btw I made a meme cuz I felt like doing it, and because I actually love Jørgen so much (My friends are judging me a lot, seeing me simpin (in the soft way) for the bat-). I'm so glad that for once I'm not damned to love a forever side chara-

boum, smol meme time now

(I almost put lgb(a)t tbh) 

Okay, now bye- *Disapears in their cave*


Gotta say I love Jørgen so far, especially with the latter half of his day 2 and the ending to it. Definitely my favourite outta all of the characters, can't wait to see more of him and where it goes!


Are there advantages to updating routes one at a time as opposed to doing entire parts of days? Also, is there a chance this project might not be finished, given the sheer size of the undertaking?


Ultimately it comes down to how much content I can make in a month. We've had many updates that had new content for multiple routes already, but for the end of Day 2 it made sense to focus on one character at the time. 

So far the development is going quite smoothly, as long as there's sufficient funding for it it will be continued. Right now, with 2 days out of 5 written and the game being almost halfway done, I don't see the possibility of it not being finished.

it turns out that if the funding is large, then updates will come out more often?


There's just one writer in the project, me, but more funding means less worrying and more time I can spend on the game. With current level of funding I'm able to commission on average more than one illustration per update, plus additional assets from hq.

(2 edits) (+1)

Oh ok:)you alone made such a great game! no other game interested me so much)


Sorry I keep doing this but now I noticed that you keep updating the other guys besides Devon I will check them out eventually but it's a little weird when one part of a visual novel doesn't see updates I absolutely understand how patreon works the one option that gets the most money is next up to bat again sorry for the venting I absolutely love the story of dawn chorus keep up the good work please


Devon got his day 2 finished as one of the first characters, and since then I was working on continuations of other routes. I'll get back to him soon, I promise c:

Dawwh, my fav is Devon too, but I would be glad for a Klaus update too :c ♡

I want to apologize for my vent as well as point out a grammatical error tell me it should be are you okay Devon does say this again which I forgot to screenshot but for that instance is also incorrect sorry again 

However with the third interaction with Torulf you did an excellent job, congratulations! Keep it up <3

Question: When will we be able to have our first interaction on Devon? (Maybe even just a kiss....... ;) )


time for the second question! when will the next update be?

For now, with Day 2 finished, I'm working on some outstanding tasks: cleaning up Day 1, refining ideas for the routes, one side story. I don't yet have an estimate, but it's likely more than two months away. But when it will come, it will feature new content for multiple routes.

this is so long to wait:( But still the game is great! I will happily wait for the next update:) thanks for the aanswer


"side story"?


is there a guide or plans to make one?

So I have another question I am reading Devon again I am confused about whether you're supposed to help him with the telescopes or not as well as whether it's better not to smell the shirt or not


I'm glad Dawn chorus is back I know I haven't going through anyone else's route besides Devon but who would you recommend besides him


Either Lake, Torulf, Rune or Jorgen. Theyre all pretty good 👍

(2 edits) (+3)

I love Lake so much, if anything happens to him I will kill everyone in this room! Anyways, jokes aside, Im really loving the wholesome vibes this VN has, Im reading a day of each route every single day before sleeping, it's really calming after a stressing day

I have so many questions, okay how many days will be in the game?

During the game they say they will stay 5 days in the guest house, but maybe thats not the exact number of days, it can be more if the devs choose so

thank you very much, that's enough for now


Bjorn my boooooy! such a good man love that bear

All days 2 complete yet? or certain characters unfinished? (as of v0.26)


Day 2 is now all complete!


too sad he does not recognize anything for torulf he is not attracted to him know a movaise end? and that it will end well???


Spoiler about Klaus:

In klaus route.When klaus left us with a message for finding him, we need to wait a future update or we need to actually find him in a precedent  save or route of other character ? 

That's for a future update!

Lol okay.I dont know why but i thinked that  i needed to search him in the game ^^


ok so I made the mistake of following Klaus in the forest and now I am traumatized omg...

He scares me too


It's the 7th I'm literally not going to get any sleep because I'm so excited it's currently 1:44am for me

Ok I know I'm a bit late to this, but could somebody please tell me how to unlock Klaus' Route?? Thanks in advance!! :)

(1 edit)

You have to choose to stay with Devon and choose to meet up with him later

(1 edit) (+5)

So uh I made a meme regarding the game 

Lmao, same. Mc also says it in Torulf and Lake routes I think


Can't wait for the 7th!!!!!!!!


Coah Devon thooo i`ll be waiting for youuuu!!!


Rune is my favorite furry character of all time! I love him! He made me realize how much I love furry deer characters! I'm so grateful for his existence! Thank you!

My fursona is a deer so I'm also greatful for his existence considering it among some of the most uncommon fursonas and one of the most uncommon species to be in a VN especially as a dateable or main character

(2 edits)

how do i get these two illustrations at the bottom of page two?

The first one is in Mikko's route and the other is in Devon's

Why cant i get picture 1 of 2 of Rune in the shower?


Switch the SFW mode before the scene starts, the 1st picture is him in swimwear

Thx <3

(1 edit)

🗿and here I thought you unlock it by going Devons route...

will it work on mobile?


Howdy, I missed most of the 2022 updates, but I got caught up and this is amazing so far for all the paths, every last one of them makes me want more of this VN.


Rest of the game: Soft happy wholesome friends and cuddles

Tourlf update: DEPRESSION✨

omg i love mikko so much i loved the all the storys but i like mikko the best 

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