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Dawn Chorus is a wholesome, non-linear romance furry visual novel set in the cold and snow-clad Norway. 

Moving to another country for studies is a huge step, but also a chance for a new beginning. Two months into the first semester, you are about to take part in a science camp in a remote guesthouse above the Arctic Circle. There, you will meet a wide cast of characters, each with their own story. Will you choose to rekindle old friendships, deepen the bond with your acquaintances, or meet someone new? Will you uncover what secrets your friends might be hiding? And will those friendships blossom into something more?

The game contains adult content and it meant to be played by adults only.

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The game is currently in development, with updates released monthly, near the end of the month, with each update first being available on Patreon and released publicly here a month later.

If you would like to support the development of Dawn Chorus and gain access to the new updates on release, together with other benefits like sneak peeks or concept arts, check out our Patreon here

v0.17 (Torulf) - released on itch.io on 30.12
v0.18 (Mikko) - released in Patreon on 14.01, to be released on itch.io on 14.02

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The team for Dawn Chorus:
Keo - story, writing, music
hq - character design, sprites, illustrations
Roborak - backgrounds
Bakemonoy - illustrations 
Illustrations for Day 1 were done by Tintiai.
Main menu background drawn by White Leonard.

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We also have a Telegram channel for announcements and updates (if you don't want to follow us on itch.io)

Soundtrack is available here.


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Love this game!! Keep up the good work, and I'll come back in a few updates to see the progress!!

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very good game


It's one of the best VN I've ever played I just love the characters ! I have to say Rune and Torulf are my favourites :) hope we'll have even more interaction with them ! I love your game <3

I haven't played this since last year! What would you say is the most fun thing that's new? Or proud?


Neverminded, it's all awesome and different! It's like magic!


You guys gonna do anything for jørgen?


Jørgen Windcaller, you mean like from the hit 2011 game The Elder scolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition / Special Edition / VR ??


Yes, writing new content for him this month :)


Aighttt let's see how much have changed after 14 updates >:3

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Okayy, right off the bat is the new and improved main menu. (Looks great >:3)

- The introduction is really different (dare I say better?) And noticed characters are bigger or closer rather. Mikko looks different.

- Yeap, they are closer. Most of them got a resprite, and Bjørn looks (handsome) really different.

- Save screen fits well with the rest now.

- Room 17 hasn't changed, or any or the rooms ( kinda nostalgic :3 )

- The cafeteria and some backgrounds look slightly different, there are new cgs, more expressions, aaaand OOH Day 2 :D

Overall, it's really story-rich and immersive despite the shortness of it all when put into perspective. Haven't really encountered bugs so far, and I hope that nobody won't. Loving it so far, (although I haven't checked the other bachelor's routes on Mikko's table but, yeah :b ) keep up the good work! 

^ w^

Edit: Oh wait, the moon outside the terrace looks elongated, or the background overall, doesn't really bother me much, just pointing it out :b aight bye! 

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Finished everything now, longing for more...

I like how there's symbolism for each character within the transition to Day 2 (except for Klaus, I realized I haven't done his route yet) and so far, Bjørn's the only one so far with that cute lil' animation at the bottom right ( wonder what the others would look like > w<).

No issues in grammar and spelling encountered, no bugs within the game (only that one bg that's stretched), but isn't really a problem.

Looking forward to the future updates! ^ w^


There's an animation like that for Mikko in the newest update, released on Patreon only so far, we hope to have at least one per character!

does lake have a route? I tried to get one and got to the auto save ending but nothing really came of it and I don’t see the option under “jump to route”


He does, but the doesn't have much content yet unfortunately!There's none in Day 2 yet, so jump to route isn't implemented for him.


ah, I understand then! I got scared and thought I did it wrong… Thanks

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Can someone tell how to do Klaus's and mikko's route correctly I don't know how to do it:p

someone tells you how to get to klaus's route farther down these posts. for mikko, just pick all his options from his room, then there is an option to visit the terrace that says lake, take that. finally when there is nothing to do but the piano part is as far as ive made it so. . 

Is there a way to change your name mid game? 

id say without editing the games files, probably not


How many days are complete? Or if it’s easier to answer do any routes go past day 2? I just started and got to day 2 but can’t wait to go further!

I think some routes go into day 2, I don't think any of them actually go past that day.


This game is amazing so far and I'm loving it!! I would support on here if I could, but I can't pay in euros. I need a dollar amount. Love you guys!! :D



This Torulf guy is really suspicious. When I first saw him, I thought he is gonna be that *playboy and flirty* types.. Turned out, I was really confuse!!!

He really confuse me because, he was *flirty* type, yes. But he seems *playboy* type because he easily get bored of something. But his behavior is really odd for those who has this *flirty and playboy* type.

He mention that he was straight-forward person and Arvo thought that this guy just want have some *fun* with him. BUT, it's Arvo thoughts, not Torulf *straight-forward* answer. Also, it's weird whether angle you see it. They just met and they already do *it*???!!!

I have a theory that this guy, ever met with Arvo but Arvo maybe forget it. Because it's already obvious that this guy just want Arvo, which can explain why he's a *playboy* type and ain't. He can't stay in one place, because he easily got bored. But, in the same time, he seems very, VERY generous when near Arvo because when he was alone. It's just.. irony.. If you see what he doing when he's really alone.. He's just keeping to himself..

So what I want to say is, there is a possibility that Torulf already meet Arvo somewhere in the past and somehow.. He seems like him and chasing him for a while(with his terrible flirty style, ofc).

During Klaus' route an "exception error occurred,"  saying it cannot create a file that already exists, whenever I ignore it shows "This time we finally had an update for our seductive tiger, Torulf." I already did Torulf's route. Is there anyway to fix this?

Where exactly does the exception happen? Could you upload a screenshot of it?

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it happens after the blackout when you're left with Dan by the guesthouse.

(1 edit)
right after this.

Looks like RenPy has a problem with making an autosave for some reason. This is the last line of text before the update ends, though, so there's nothing more after it besides some goodbyes!

okay, thanks!


Devon's route be like:

"Banana taste best just before they rot." - Yoshio, If you know what I mean *w*



I'm normally not too keen on the hot for teacher content but...


Biracial gayman from the boonies who wants to be the kind of teacher he wishes he had? That IS the best part! ;)


I really love this game! I cant wait for next updates :)

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Ah, and btw, Does Klaus got a route? I just wonder because I can't really contact with him. :/ The last thing with him was the nightmare and when I played Devon's route I met him with the telescopes, but I dunno how to get in a room with him or how to pick up the route with him. '^^

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There is route for Klaus, but it can be hard to find. You can get it by asking to stay with Bjorn. You'll get an option to follow Klaus into the woods again and he'll offer to room with you after that. 


Yeeeeah, thanks! :D I thought I missed something early... :/


I want Devon update so muaaaaach >w< ♡


omgomg omg torulf content???






Who is the artist for this drawing?

Criticat on dawn chorus fan discord


Waiting for the update be like


I've finished most of the routes by now and I must say that I love most of the characters, sometimes I wish I could make all of them happy simultaneously.

In order of preference my list is:

Lake > Rune > Torulf > Devon > Mikko > Jorgen > Klaus > Bjorn

I also really Like Arvo, the main character, he feels very relatable most of the time.

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Didn't know Arvo could... Die.

At day one where you get to choose who Arvo wanna sleep with, If you choose Mikko, then after some time, then Arvo will find the key. Then you can pick if you still wanna sleep with Mikko or not. If you choose that Arvo don't wanna sleep with Mikko, then Mikko will get a bit sad, but still acts like he's fine.

After Arvo went to his room, then Arvo will se a creature that he thinks is Mikko. Then he will follow him, into the woods, because he felt bad of saying no to him earlier.

After some time Arvo will trip and fall down to a lake, and can't get up, because he's stuck under the layer of ice.

Then Arvo... dies? Then you meet Mikko again, and after a bit of talking between Mikko and Arvo, then you get back to the main menu.

I have so many questions, like did he die, or is it at dream of some sort. I've never been this emotional over a visual novel before. I don't like when things end badly, so I was wondering if it could continue or It's just that.



do not reject the wolf bean or meet your demise



Arvo can die if you decide not to go with Mikko at the last minute. It's sort of dark but hey the teachers told the students that they shouldn't be doing anything foolish around the place, and following shadows at night in winter is not the brightest idea. 

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After playing every single route, and even replaying some of them, I can comfortably say that this is the best VN on this website. Period.

Characters are all loveable and likeable in their own ways, the artstyle of the characters is pleasant, and all the scenes look amazing. Additionally all characters are extremely well polished and likeable in their own sense. 

Language is good, and the writing is beyond what most novels do. It's very well flowing and I enjoyed the little details where human body parts are replaced by their animal counterparts, i.e. hands-paws and so on.

Sound design is also phenomenal. The music is atmospheric and fits the scenes extremely well. 

All in all, as I said, the best VN I have ever played. 5 stars and gimme that next Rune update.

comment written at 3 a.m so just bear with me repeating some things

This VN is so freaking comfy I enjoy it a great deal.


Just started this game a couple days ago, and I am already interested with all of the cast, and have a save file for each. Im just sad there isnt a Travis route 😭. 


I have a somewhat silly question:

This is the first time I'm playing this on a computer (I previously played on my phone). I've downloaded a new build for the first time. Now I have two folders, one for each build. Can I delete the old folder? Or perhaps will that delete my saved data?

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It's safe to delete the old folder! The saves are located elsewhere. 


Thank you so much! 😸

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I don't know if there's a place to give grammatical feedback, so here it goes. I only noticed this because most of the writing is well designed, and the proofreaders do a great job.

I think it's supposed to be: "Too bad I still barely have any idea on how to control any of the characters."

An even easier way to do this would be:

"Too bad I barely know how to control any of the characters." 

Since the sentence above already sufficiently establishes the precedent set in the original sentence. Sorry if I'm coming off as snobbish, as that is not my intention. I'm enjoying the game a lot so far! Keep up the good work!


Link to the fan discord in case anyone's interested: https://discord.gg/wVucp2aDqC


that cuddling scene with Torulf is just a reminder of how lonely i am 


This. Exactly this


This fascinates me, just did the secret route and it almost feels like there's a hidden story in a totally different Genre playing out in the background of the main VN. Kudos!

How do though?


There's a basic walkthrough below but but you need to sit with Miko (let him stay quiet) at lunch, get a coat from Devon after losing your key, follow Klaus to the forest, embrace your inner monsterfucker (ie don't shove whoever accompanies you to the mysterious site and then pet the big spoopy monster.) After that basically do Bjorn's route (I personally did it while also keeping a distance from him but DO ask if you can room with him.) Then when you're sharing cake with him follow Klaus into the woods again.

Bjorn really had to interrupt a good dream, huh?


HA HA HA HA H A HA omg; so the first time I got that Lake was the one accompanying me and I said the exact same thing!


Lol. I still need to do his route, seems like a good lad.


I came here looking for some info about the Klaus route (having seen that it was an option in some of the updates) and wasn't expecting there to be any posts about it already!

I hope you like From Beyond ;)

From Beyond? I'm sorry but it doesn't sound familiar. I hope I didn't ruin a pun. Heh..


Embrace your inner--


Don't mind if I do~

Hey Dawn Chorus; Demon Wolf route when?


I just want to say that I am  positively surprised when I found out that Miko has a family in Poland

(fun fact: I'm also from Poland)

Overall, I like this VN very much :) 

I look forward to the next updates


more devon please he so adorable


More Klaus please, that was amazing and I loved the adrenaline rush from the more spooky parts.


Wow, the new Klaus content was pretty intense, it definitely surpassed my expectations! I hope we won't have to wait too long for the next update to that route.






Is there any specific way to get onto Klaus' route? He's not a choice for a room buddy, unless I'm just blind.


secret route. if you want the guide i can tell u


Sure, I could use it

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someone said the previous didn't work, so i tried this and im sure it does. 

Go see Mikko
Sit with Mikko
Give him some space
(lost key section, get devon's help and his coat or rune's, either is crucial)
Forest (Klaus)
Call out to him
Try finding him
Go deeper
Lobby (Klaus)
Reach out
(insert Bjorn activities)

choose Bjorn's route.  Make sure to hang with him enough.
It wasn't my intention

when you see klaus, FOLLOW HIM.

and there you go, you are on Klaus route.

I tried this and i can never get on Klaus's route. Needs help

Deleted 56 days ago

i just rewrote it try it again


It seems as though you have to visit Devon for the key help. Otherwise when you do Forest (Klaus) you go back in cuz its too cold

oh. well make sure to get a coat from either rune or devon lol


i need guide too if you don't mind it

(1 edit)

i just posted a guide :D


I would love it too:) Tried all the choices I could, cannot find it.

i just posted a guide :D




(how do i get the last illustration)?

(SPOILER kind of?) 

If I remember correctly, on Rune's route you have to choose to go on a walk with Mikko and put an arm around his shoulder. 

Deleted 63 days ago

spoiler!! and question                 

does anyone have a guess  who Lake has a crush on? (on devon route i think)

i can bet it's either torulf or rune

(1 edit) (+4)

I dont think runes is his crush I bet it would be torulf

Can anyone please tell me how to get the second illustration ? I feel like I've tried every choice and yet I still haven't unlocked it. Thanks in advance !



have lunch with lake, talk with Rune, find  the key with him, agree


Finally a Bjorn update!! 😄  I love this bear so much because his humbleness and his friendly attitude! I want to hug him and rest in this lovely guy's chest! ❤ 

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