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Dawn Chorus is a light-hearted, non-linear slice of life furry visual novel, which takes place on a university trip to a guesthouse in northern Norway. The story features branching routes with multiple choices. 

Take a part in a science camp in a remote guesthouse above the arctic circle and explore the captivating Norwegian landscape in this new wholesome adventure.

The game is currently in development, with updates released monthly, with each update first being available to the patrons on Patreon on the third weekend of each month, and released publicly here two weeks later. Update 2 is already available for patrons! 

If you would like to support the development of Dawn Chorus and gain access to the new updates on release, together with other benefits like sneak peeks or concept arts, check out our Patreon here. You can also support us on Ko-Fi here

Follow us on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/DawnChorusVN

Visit our visual artist's page: https://twitter.com/hqtrashart

If you enjoyed playing our visual novel, please consider giving us a 5-star rating here :) We also have a survey where you can provide any feedback, report mistakes and vote for your favourite characters, so we can know what to focus on next.


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com.dawnchorus.dawnchorus-2-universal-release.apk 144 MB

Development log


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hey wondering how long the waiting period is going to be for updates


Hi! The next update will be released for patrons this weekend, then publicly on itch.io two weeks later. Updates are released monthly.


I love the game so much i know It's new but man i just can't wait to play more Coach Devon and Rune seem to be the one's I like the most so far. They seem to care about the MC even though they just mat. The story so far is 100% top tier and I just can't wait to see the game get bigger and better. Keep up the awesome work and always be you when making such a awesome game and in life to.


Is there a image of Rune because there is an image at the top that says "that should do it...……….." is that going to be in or is it already in.


It is in the visual novel already! You need to talk with Rune during lunch, and then let him help you later.


I just got up to it lol I feel like an idiot now.


All right... I admit, I thought this visual novel would be uninteresting. I was so damn wrong <3 

This is just a Demo, the beginning of the whole story, and I already want to know what will happen next. The art is excellent, a style I have never seen before, and I am ready to admit that it is very beautiful. Keep it up, guys. I'm sure you'll do it. 

Sorry, if I've made some mistakes, English isn't my native language ;w;

P.S. Rune's verrrry handsome, mlem~

Which characters are going to have a route?

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We don't yet want to promise anything, as we might have to scale the project down in the future, which we of course don't want to do. For now there are plans for routes for Rune, Devon, Bjørn, Lake, Mikko, Tyra and Jørgen, but everything is subject to change, depending on the results of the survey and our funding .

Are Klaus and Travis not options currently?

I was about to ask if the teacher would have a route but now I know that there is a plan for him which makes me happy.


Do you have/are you planning to have a Patreon?


Yes ^^ link is here: https://www.patreon.com/DawnChorusVN

The only complaint I have about the new build is that the game still describes Lake's eyes as green... Admittedly, I feel more bothered by that than I should, but am otherwise impressed with the game! Great work!

You're right, I don't know how did it slip unnoticed for so long! I've added it to the list of corrections for the next update, thank you for pointing that out :)

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so you want us to let you know if we find typos and errors? I found a few but I wasn't sure if I should point them out or not

Yes, if you find any, please let me know. We do have a proofreader, but they haven't gone through all of the text, and even they might not notice some mistakes.
We have created a survey for any providing feedback and pointing out mistakes, it can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/SE5DnRkcuvJoCR6b8


You're very welcome! I'm happy to be of help!

I would have mentioned it in my post about the previous build, but the grammar was a bit confusing and I thought it might be referring to Rune, so I didn't say anything ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

I like to leave detailed comments when new builds are released for a game, so I'll be sure to mention any glaring or especially confusing grammatical errors, typos, etc that manage to slip through from update to update. Always happy to lend a helping hand!


Finally we can see what Arvo is like, he is super cute and very handsome, I really liked his design, I fell in love with him. Devon is very cute too, the art on this Vn is just phenomenal and the music is excellent. I like how the story unfolds and I look forward to what awaits us in future updates. Many congratulations for the excellent work on this Vn. *hugs and licks*  =^.^=

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i really really love the game, even that its 1 day old but at the moment it looks like awesome furry VN, the story, characters (Rune is cutie boyo change my mind), and the art style is so cute its not like some really good art its simple and awesome. I think it could be good if you could add somewhere in next update decission if player want to ask rune because i wanna see if player could sleep with rune on one bed or sleep on ground, and maybe add another decission if the layer dont want to be Rune´s roommate (i know you probably have planned the next few updates but im just telling it could be good but nobody is forcing you). also im glad i downloaded it like few minutes after it got uploaded and main reason why i downloaded it is that i ran out of furry anime on netflix (i finished BNA yesterday and im a llitle bit mad because it was awesome and i finished it in one single shot, i started watching it and ended sometimes at night Slovakia time) and i wanted to try som new VN and this was one of the first games i found. im glad this game exists.  last thing i wanted to ask if you have some update schedule or the updates will come randomly. bai :3

edit: now i just found that im blind and though yesterday was the day when 1.0 came out and now i see it was 2.0, but still i downloaded 2.3 few hours maybe minutes after it came out

Don't worry about Rune, there is still time for that, but first he needs to get to know the main character better :)

yeah im just so excited about this game xD, and also do you have any upload schedule or are the updates random ?

Right now updates are uploaded first for Patreon patrons on every second weekend of the month, and two weeks after that for the public. 

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Who is the artist who made the scene with Arvo and Rune when the jacket thing? His art style is so familiar, I've seen it before for sure 

It's Tintiai, he will also be drawing the next CGs for Dawn Chorus.

I think he should be the one doing the regular sprites too. His style is amazing.

Deleted 29 days ago

Very nice update! I'm torn between Rune and Lake, they're both so sweet!

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Possible spoiler

When you pick to go ask Devon about the key, is that a way to start Devon's route?


Routes will start later, most of the first day will be dedicated to getting to know the characters, so not necessarily ^^ Choices made now will affect future events, though.


Ooh okay, so I guess it's like if I wanna play Lake's route and have the best events I should start from the begging and pick every option that involves Lake, I really love that :3

Great update by the way ;3 I'm enjoying the visual novel a lot ^ω^

Does Coach Devon has any update in the new update? And if not, when will he be unlocked to be romanced?

Yes! There is new Coach Devon content in this update. 

Wonderful! How can I access it? 

When looking for the key you have to choose an option to go ask Coach Devon for help

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Oh, okay. Thank you! :) 

By the way, what species is Coach Devon? 


He's a melanistic jaguar, known widely as black panther :)


I must say, this game was certainly an unexpected find, but I'm very glad that I found it! I can see quite a bit of potential here and I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

So far this game seems pretty well written aside from the occasional typo or grammatical error. Also, the characters all come across as interesting, like there's more to see from them than just what's on the surface. It'll be nice to see these characters interact with each other and how their personalities will mesh together.

There might not be much here yet, but this game has definitely caught my attention and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it from here on!

Will there be scenes at the "special" moments too? 


We want to fill the visual novel with special moments of various kinds, and yes, we want to commission CGs for the game, currently we're in the process of negotiations with an interested artist.

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Will Jørgen have a route too?


There are plans for a one, don't worry :)

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What can I even say... 10/10.
First of all - hats off to the creators!! Gawd, this visual novel is amazing!
At first I was skeptical, but - it does such a fantastic job at setting the mood. While reading, I felt as if I was right there in the moment - going camping with a bunch of strangers, eager to explore and make connections.

And don't even get me started with Rune - what a dream boat!! Ever since what happened at the beginning of the novel, I couldn't keep my thoughts away from them. It's remarkable, really - I've only locked eyes with him once and he's already on my Furry-Hunk Watch List. Incredible. Also the music... gorgeous. The strings and the piano don't just compliment each other - they're on an entirely different level of soothing.

Keep up the amazing work - this is now, after a single play, the visual novel I'm most looking forward to regarding future updates. Please, for the love of all that is holy, make Rune date-able. Or, something like that. <3 <3 <3

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Thank you for all the kind words, reading comments like this is really a reward in itself. We're currently working hard on the upcoming update, and if you like Rune, then you're going to enjoy it :) 


I have a constructive criticism to make:

I recommend, in my opinion, that the main character don't be too focused on a character X or Y, as the scene of the main character thinks a lot about Lake. From the moment you, the player, decide in the cafeteria, then you could influence the main character (and also on the bus when you decide whether or not to talk to Mikko).

Another thing too: focus on love, on the romance between the characters with the choices that the player makes. Love is superior to sexual pleasure. Now, in the rest of the demo: everything perfect, beautiful art, very good narration.

Thank you for your attention and God bless you! 

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Personally, I thought the reason he tought so much about these specific characters (Lake/Rune/Mikko) was because they're the only ones he actually talks to/knows/considers friends as opposed to the rest of the characters. Also, Lake/Mikko were the last people he talked to before he started thinking about them. 

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This game is great! If you're looking for a nice and chill Furry VN This is it. I Absolutely love the art style and the story! The characters are so freakin' cute! I personally can't wait for this masterpiece to come out, and when it does what's the price gonna be? Sorry if this is a repeat question.

We're glad that you've enjoyed playing the first demo :) The visual novel is currently in development and will receive monthly updates, first for patrons, two weeks later uploaded for public here on itch.io. We don't yet know how much or fi at all we are going to charge anything for the finished visual novel, because that's still far in the future.

It's a very cute visual novel. :3 I like the idea of seeing Norwegian culture of day-to-day life like how they eat lunches for example. Keep it up!

i love this game and this is random but Finland mentioned XD 

Could you please tag the PC version as both Windows and Linux compatible? It works just fine on Linux, and if you change that it can be installed on Linux via the Itch launcher.

Sure, thank you for the tip :)


The more I play it, the more I like Lake :3 oh my God! he is so precious!


I really love how the main character has his his artistic thoughts about many characters, like I do in real life. Some of the sensual thoughts also seem realistic and not out of place. I hope it won't force players to stay laser focused on one character while abandoning others.

Also please, please don't make this story into something grim and sad like Echo and Adastra, this starts out as such a lovely story!


Adastra wasn't entirely sad, it had a great ending. Besides, Echo was meant to be more of a psychological horror novel.

Is this nsfw?


Some adult content might be added later on, but all nsfw scenes can be turned off at the beginning of the game. 


Lake has stolen my heart, what an absolutely adorable guy. Really liking the VN so far. Looking forward to it's updates!


Please tell me Mikko will have a route too


We have plans for a one!

Deleted 29 days ago

I just started this visual novel and I'm already so in love with it ❤️

Do you remember? You wrote: "Will there be an android version (for Worst Dating Sim)?" Well, I found an android port. But in order to get the link you have to create an account on that website and pay 5 bucks for specific currency. Though it's not all bad, because you can buy other android ports on this website too or download apps freely. I found a Winds of Change android port aswell! It's another gay VN that does not have an android version.


Give me the link to that website



Please give me the link to that website... whatever.


Ooh, a new one (°<°)


Jørgen has a really cool design!! You don't see many bats in these games. I like the characters a lot already, a very cute art style.


It just the first demo and I already in love with this game c':  

I always love Visual novel that setup in Snow town-forest and give a warm feeling. You guys did a great job! 


Is Coach Devon a romanceable character? 


There will be a route dedicated to him! He will be featured more extensively in the August update :)


Can't wait! :) 


Hahaha, that was exactly what was going through my head when I was introduced to the characters. Thanks for asking. ;)

Pale, how are you always this early to a new VN? Do you somehow get notifications or just browse? However this time, I think I was first, because nothing was written, yet.


I saw one of the people I'm following rated this VN, and decided to check it out. I don't usually browse because it frustrates me, I usually don't find what I like when I search in Itch... 


Oh, okay that's how you found out about it. True, itch's search system isn't fully convincing.


It's really bad, and I'm being generous about it. 

This is so cute! Can't wait to get more in August! <3


The art style is adorable - v-