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Dawn Chorus is a wholesome and light-hearted non-linear romance furry visual novel set in Norway. 

Moving to another country for studies is a huge step, but it is also a chance for a new beginning. No matter how hard you try, you can never really leave your past behind, though. It's been two months since the beginning of the academic year and you are about to take part in a science camp in a remote guesthouse above the arctic circle, and an old friend from your hometown is going too. Will you embrace your past or try to move forward? Will you manage to befriend your fellow camp-goers? And will one of your friendships blossom into something more?

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Every bit of feedback is important to us! Regardless of whether you liked the game or not, if you'd fill out the survey it would help us a lot to know what to focus on! Link to survey for the current public build can be found here: https://forms.gle/pQ5j9X1q8QzYqcAh6

The game is currently in development, with updates released monthly, with each update first being available to the patrons on Patreon and released publicly here two weeks later.

If you would like to support the development of Dawn Chorus and gain access to the new updates on release, together with other benefits like sneak peeks or concept arts, check out our Patreon here

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The team for Dawn Chorus is Keo (script/writing/soundtrack), hq (visual artist/character design), Roborak (backgrounds) and Tintiai (CGs).

Follow us on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/DawnChorusVN

Visit our visual artist's page: https://twitter.com/hq_png

Our Telegram channel for announcements and updates (if you don't want to follow us on itch.io): https://t.me/dawnchorusvn

Soundtrack is available here.

Patreon link         Twitter link


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It took me an hour to figure out the protag is a tiger....

hi!! I just saw you kention smth about a poll and how jørgen isn't super popular and you don't know if he'll have a route but I am begging you, with all of my bat loving heart. pls. 

You should like the upcoming update then, it has more Jørgen than the rest of the game combined ^^

I'm almost 100% sure Mikko stole our key so that we could sleep with him, i tried some routes and all of them Mikko hugs us before we enter our room

I cant wait in the  next update I really Want Devon please dont make it fast I want more exciting things between THE tiger and Devon Please....I really love this game 

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I would support this game, if I had the money because I had a great time playing this demo. The writing is great, realistic and maybe even nostalgic, and my mood was perfectly captured and moved through the scenery and the accompanying music. Basically, I have seen a lot of Ren'py games, but this one is a gem-in-the-making that I am willing to share to my other gay furries, too!

The only hook on my review however is that I find my immersion distorted whenever the art snapshots (or whatever they're called) didn't entirely reflect what the characters in-game sprites would look like - like, I would look at the photo, then I would be confused, asking "Who's that?" and not realize it's supposed to be this character or that. 


In addition, I find it odd that me, a gay lion boy who could afford to go to a million-dollar camping trip that has a jacuzzi, indoor gym pool, etc., would be worried about budgeting when I lost the key. I think it would be a better fit, if I were more conscious about my items or me becoming more 'absent-minded', than I am with money.


I'm keeping a close eye on the project's progress on your Twitter. Wishing nothing but the best and success for the whole development team! :3

(p.s. Rune best boi. His sprites in-game... awakens something in me that I never knew I had. LMFAO)

The science camp is mostly funded by the university, that's the only reason most of the students were able to go ^^ 

The game is amazing so far! I can't wait for the next update.


I adore this with every ounce of my BEING, I really can't praise the developers enough, the game runs effortlessly and there are plenty of contrasting routes that make me want to complete the game 1,000 times over!! I love it and it's characters, story and just everything so much, I couldn't even begin to put it into words!! Definitely worth a play and definitely something I have at the top of my list of recommendations for anyone that enjoys these types of games. I really can't thank you enough for your beautiful creation, Dev, and I look forward to the update as much as I possibly can! :)


hey great game (I made an account just to comment)

will the final version  have a pay wall?

if so, its still an AMAZING game, and i mean it!

keep up the good work!   

Hi! We don't really know yet, that's a decision we still have to make so I'm not promising anything now.

I am not a fan of paywalls and personally I like the pay-what-you-want model the most.

ok thanks for letting me know

again, great game! 

I don't want to make things awkward by asking this question but after seeing Rune's latest update I simply have to know.  Will there be any explicit/sex scenes between Rune and the MC?

They will be in the game, but they will be optional. 


Yeah, Rune... You goddamn right...

Hey, I´ve been playing Dawn Chorus for a few days and I have some questions:

1. How many routes will have? Because is confusing guessing how many are due to the amount of choices.

2. Will you create some kind of guide? Again, too many choices and having doubts about what is the correct for each character.

I have to say that, even if I played a short amount of time, this VN gives me a sensation of peace and positive feelings. The characters are charismatic and I´m sure they´ll have and interesting background and personality! Keep going! <3

Hi! Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game ^^

I'm trying to write it in such a way that the interactions feels natural, so I try not to have good/bad choices. There's a point system implemented and some of the choices will give you more points with certain characters, but generally the more you spend time with them, the more they like you. Because of that a guide would be hard to make, because there aren't good or bad choices, at least yet. Some time in the future I might make one that shows which choices give points, and how many points do you need to unlock scenes, but for now I have a bit too much on my hands. One thing I can tell you that in case of Rune you need to sit with him at lunch for him to let you stay with him overnight.

About the routes, we're planning to have routes for Rune, Lake, Mikko, Torulf, Devon, Bjorn, and we will have to see about Jorgen, because for now looking at the polls he isn't too popular.

Oooooh, okay. Thanks for the info

I'm having crashing errors on Mac, it occurs right after we return the peroxide to Devon. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi! I looked at the code in that scene and I don't see anything that could cause a crash, unless one of the audio tracks got downloaded incorrectly. If the problem persists I would suggest re-downloading/re-installing the game and starting with a new save, using the Skip functionality to quickly move forward to that scene. I'm not a Mac user myself, so I'm not sure how RenPy vns work on them :<

I’ll give it a shot and see what happens, thank you! 

what is the name of the song that the main character plays on the piano?

It's Gymnopedie no. 1 by Erik Satie!


thaaaank youu~~

at what time will the new update happen exactly

It was already released, the attached builds are already the new ones. You can find the changelog here: https://dawn-chorus.itch.io/dawn-chorus/devlog/211497/version-06-rune-update-pub...

What's new in 0.6.4? Bug fixes?


Compared to 0.5, you can find the changelog here: https://dawn-chorus.itch.io/dawn-chorus/devlog/211497/version-06-rune-update-pub...
0.6.3 was the last Patreon build and it didn't have the gallery or high quality .webp assets.

I'm considering recommending this VN to some friends but first I have to ask, will there be any sexually explicit scenes/images in it?  I don't have any problem if there is but I want to know of their is anything graphic (genitalia/sex scenes) before I recommend it to others.  Other then that all I can say is that I'm loving it so far and I can't wait for the next update.


copied from the patreon page:

Will there be NSFW content in the visual novel?
Yes, the game has an SFW mode implemented (look for a toggle switch in Preferences).

When rune rejected me the game crashed ._.

Is it always the outcome that Rune will reject your request to sleep in his room with him?  Or can that be changed based on what choices you make leading up to that point in the VN?


It can be changed based on what decisions you choose.


Let's just say the more you interacted with Rune, the more likely he will accept your request. 

I need a guide, seriously.

I am of the strong opinion that every VN like this should have an in game guide. Why make it a hassle?
Lustful Desires does this great and I would love to see more games copy them.


God, is it even legal for Rune to be this cute???? I just want to hug him, like, constantly! It's gonna be torture waiting for the next build...

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When you're just on time 😏

will there be any new update and how will i know and update the game


New update will be out tomorrow, you can simply download it from here and run it, your saves will already be there. 

at what time will the new update be exactly



Just finished the game and I'm very impressed so far! I felt immersed in the story and already have my favorite characters. Amazing story! I'm eager for more :)

Unicamente es malo cuando se acaba.

Los acosare (    .  .)

Deleted 12 days ago

Do you mean the length of the update?

I think they mean what time you'll release the update. For example, January 10th, at around 1:00 PM PST. I think they want to gauge when to check in for the update?

Oh, sorry! Yeah, that makes sense. 

I'm working on scaling for the sprites, I want to have them displayed in a better quality, and then I test the builds before uploading them, but it should be out a bit after the noon in Europe, so in the morning in Americas and early evening in Asia. 



Right now there is some suggestive content, but nothing really nsfw. There will be nsfw content added in the future, but there's an SFW mode implemented in game.

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Okay sooo i played through the game with several choices getting familiar with all the northern boys and enjoying what we have so far. I see many good things and some that somehow bug me.  

Firstly i would like to express my admiration towards the whole project. :D It is very ambitious and i see immense potential in it. Obviously i would love this vn to be completed and i would love to experience the story it wants to tell.

The design of the characters, the background, the setting these are all brilliant in my opinion. Good atmosphere is key to a good vn and the way you set everything up instantly gives a very strong atmosphere. I am not sure yet what you will go for in terms of secondary genre, but you have a solid base for the mysterious, thrilling, maybe even the horroristic and psychotic directions. 

This variety of potential outcomes is my biggest worry and one of the biggest selling points for me so far. I mean we just have to look at the cast of characters. It is impressiiive and while i want to know all of them i am worrying whether the creators will be able to handle the load. I sense that most of the characters have things to tell, that they are not empty shells with pretty visual design.  Passion bleeds from them, passion of the creators, but just like Devon fears for Rune, i fear for the the passionate creators behind the ambitious project that they might spread themselves too thin. This might be an entirely irrational thought, but it has been in my head since i completed several routes. 

Also as i have mentioned earlier there are a lot of different things going on here. I wont spoil anything for the potential readers, but there are some mysterious things happening in the game and while they bring a little bit of life and dynamism to the story, these effects feel momentary. Like something strange thrilling thing happens, the tone is set up well for the scene to work, everyone acts accordingly and then it just passes. The story goes back to a more chill slice of life tone for a while and then all of a sudden something unexpected happens again, but this time the event gives a much different vibe to the previous one. It almost feels disconnected, because the difference in tone is so different. That is why i wrote that this vn could turn out to be anything in terms of it's secondary genre (the primary being the romantic, slice of life of course) and i fear that because of the many different characters and many different sub-tones the story could lose focus.

This is again not a complaint really, because we are really early on in the story, it is only a worry of mine. There is so many ways to go forward from this diverse exposition that i just hope every piece will consistently click into place as the story goes on.  As i mentioned the athmosphere is really strong, mainly because of the great descriptive writing, so thats why i think the sudden changes in tone hit me more, maybe only i experienced it this way though.

Also it is clear that there is passion for music in this vn and that reflects on the actual soundtrack and the scenes as well. I think there is a part where the mc even says that it is nice to listen to other people talk about their passion. I totally agree with that and based on my experiences i could expand it to: It is nice to read a vn that  indirectly talks about the passion of the writer.

So yeah there wont be a major problem with the musical part, i am sure. There is one scene though where the mc is still on the bus and one tune is repeating very frequently. That one bugged me a little, but everything else was quality work.  Plus when i heard that the one piano piece the mc knew was Gymnopédie No.1. i was so happy for some reason. I dont know it just fit very well into the scene and also i love Satie :P 

I have never written a comment this long to any vn before. But thats just the testament to the fact that i feel huge potential in this and i want this vn to become one of the best on the site. It very well could become that. I'll be definitely following the journey and if the coming weeks are going favourably for me then i will definitely venture to patreon as well to show my affection in monetary ways too.


Hi! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed playing what's in the game so far, and took the time to leave us feedback. 

I believe that when you mention the scene with a much different tone compared to the rest of the story you mean the one with Klaus - that's meant to be a sort of an easter egg and I plan to make it harder to get in one of the future builds.

You're right about the music in the bus scene, thank you about that! I added a second track there to change things up a bit. I would like to have more tracks in the vn, but I need to split my time between writing, managing the whole project and recording music for it, so I'm composing just a handful of tracks per update.

About the amount of routes, I'm taking this project very seriously and I'm aware of the scope. It will take a long time to complete, but I'm committed to finishing it (especially as it pays my bills currently!).

Wait whats the update schedule?


Updates are monthly, but we don't have a strict schedule, we rather release them when they're ready and announce them only a few days in advance. They're out for our patrons usually near the end of the month, and then released to the public 14 days later. The v0.6 build will go public on 10.01.2021.

ah i see , thank you for answering . love the game keep up the good work<3!



Me too ✨✨✨✨

hi, i been trying to play the game but i can't run it, i don't know why because i can run any other game without problem, any solution?

Hi! Can you give me your twitter/telegram/Discord username? I can try helping you over the chat.


hi!, thanks for answering, i already solve the problem with an internet page help, but thanks anyways, really liking the game so far, keep it up!

hi!, it's me again, i thought i fixed the problem i had, but no, the thing is, sometimes i can run the game, but when i want to run it again it crashes and says that the game has stopped.

if you have any solution or any tip i wolud be grateful, thank you


        So from what I've read,  you guys aren't planning on making a datable route for Klaus?  If so, what a bummer. I'm really interested in his character since I'm  really drawn to the dark mysterious types. Also, really love the part with the wolf creature. When mc gets chased down by it in the woods with Bjørn  while looking for Klaus. When they reach out to the creature and it seems to like their touch not attacking them back, it was such a cute scene but to bad it was just a bad dream. I was kind of hoping  to see them more. Well I guess it's obvious the creature wont have its own route haha unless it's somehow tied to Klaus and you get to date Klaus.  Oh well, one can dream.  Anyways~ I'm really loving the game so far! Keep up the good work you guys! : )  <3

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Could you post that Rune picture of the new update? The one where he's taking his shirt off, please?


I think you might mean this:

Yes, that's the one! :) 

Hi, I haven't read any visual novels for a while, at least not a good one. I have to say that I loved Dawn Chorus, the characters are so beautiful and interesting, that I was in doubt on which route to go because they all looked great. Anyway I can't wait for the next updates.

(1 edit)

You say in a while. Have you played so many VN's that there's none left? If you look on my profile you can find a list with exactly 222 furry VNs/games with probably more than 150 of them being VNs. I personally suggest Pervader, my currently favorite (Very plot driven, for now at least). However, When Stars Fall has a huge potential. 

I just realized I haven't left a review of the new build!!

Rune was so friggin' cute, all shy and stuff about his hobbies! And seeing more of Lake's goofball-ish nature was great too. Mikko being all shocked about Lake getting in trouble and stuff and Lake is just like "I have no clue where you got an idea like that from."

I wasn't expecting to see Mikko's new look, but it's not bad; his new sprites are looking really good, in my opinion. And speaking of looking good, that new CG was just, *chef's kiss* beautiful! The aesthetic of this VN is really coming together since the first builds!

It's looking like we're on track to pick our route come the next update and I, for one, am very excited to pick Arvo's maybe-boyfriend! I also recall mention that the first NSFW scene is planned for build 0.6, so that's something else to look forward to in the next build. ;3c

The only real complaint I have is the same as I've had for a while now; with the exception of Devon, the shade of black used on the character sprites just comes off as being too dark. It looks less like the characters are wearing jackets and clothes (and in Rune's case, having antlers) and more like the shape of clothes (and antlers) was cut out in photoshop or something; there's no discernable detail in those parts of the sprites and - to me, at least - it doesn't look as good as it could. Using something lighter - like, closer in appearance to the darker parts of Devon's fur, maybe - that would allow us to see some degree of detail in those parts of the sprites would really help the issue, I think. But that's just me.

Either way, excellent work on the update, as always! I'm really enjoying my time with this game and I can't wait for the next update!

Okay, so Rune, Lake and Torulf are not at all like what I was expecting them to be and I am 100% down for that. So far all of the characters are very pleasant, and I'm just really looking forward to reading a much calmer Visual Novel than the last one I finished


Alright, yall hear me out..

What if mikko took the key? while the player was hugging him he said this is a long hug, what if mikko took the key out of the players pocket?

If someone already made a comment about this then sorry TwT 

I was actually thinking the same thing. Guess we will find out later on.

That's actually a good idea tbh

Really? Thanks Inekoto  :>

(1 edit) (+4)

finished my first time through the game yesterday, it's indeed very wholesome! The writing is very fluid and cute, the character sprites compliment the whole atmosphere beautifully and the music does it's job without being too much of a presence (which I would find annoying in a game about staying in a cabin in the middle of nature).

I mainly focused on Rune (I'm a sucker for jocks, and eventually jockstraps) and was surprised by the depth of his personality. All of the interactions with him felt natural and didn't feel like things were moving too fast (that is a problem I often find in these free to play visual novels, not here though!) Also appreciated that even though I focused on one character everyone else had a chance to shine.

The difference in art style from character sprite to CG illustration was kinda jarring at first, but it really isn't a problem, both styles are very good and similar enough. It was just surprising to see Rune go from very cute boy deer to hunky 20 something year old in the jacket scene, his biceps are appreciated though, and the illustrations themselves are drawn very well.

Last comment I have is about the general atmosphere of the game, which is lovely. As a foreigner, I lived in Denmark until I finished high school just last year and these Nordic vibes brought me right back. Of course Norway is way different, but the vibes are close enough. Mikko is actually SO similar to my old friend I had a crush on that I thought I was being pranked, the awkwardness between the protagonist and him is very relatable.

Overall, lovely game, with an equally lovely (and consistent, very important aspect of it) atmosphere and likable cast of characters. The artstyle is very polished and is well accompanied by the music, can't wait to see more, I think I'll be giving a bit of support on patreon as soon as I can :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok, i just finished the game and it was  A M A Z I N G, the writing style is very detailed, i could exactly picture the moments with my mind. Every character has got a chance to shine, i played all the choices possible and i liked how if i didn't talk much with a certain character, at some point you can't choose him. The CGs are simply incredible, the art style made me say "WOAH" literally the second i've seen the images, congratulations Tintiai, i can see a lot of work behind that. hope to see more from this visual novel, sorry for the long comment, my god... 

Then, if you mind, i got three questions... (You don't need to answer, just my stupid  curiosity and, stupidity)

Have you considered putting the time of the day in the game?

Will there be more of Klaus?

I... can't open the survey from the game... maybe i'm just stupid, sorry if i ask too much, but, can you please give me a link? (Sorry TwT)

(A bye from Italy)

We're glad you enjoyed Dawn Chorus, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us ^^ I passed the feedback about the CGs to Tintiai, it made him very happy :3

Regarding the questions, we decided that Klaus won't have his own route, but he definitely will appear in the game again! About the time of the day, that's a feature I definitely would like to see in the game. Hopefully in January update ^^

The link to the current survey is: https://forms.gle/pQ5j9X1q8QzYqcAh6

Thank you very much! :D

If there was a link to Mikko's piano song, I would love to hear it!

Also this is such a good game.

Thank you ^^
That song you can find in the soundtrack here: https://buildingslikeradiators.bandcamp.com/track/red-scarf-mikko-at-the-piano

will the dawn chorus soundtrack be available on other streaming services like spotify/apple music at some point?  


I certainly would love to see that, however it's not as easy and cheap as it should be to get an album published there. It probably will happen at some point, but first I'd like to create more tracks and maybe polish what already is in there a bit more.

Great game.

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