Version 0.16 - Rune & Klaus update

Hello all, Keo here!

I'm coming back to you with a new update. This time there's a continuation of Rune's route and most of Day 2 for Klaus. It's also likely the biggest update yet (if I remember well), with 13.5k words of new content split between the two routes. I don't want to say too much about it not to spoil the content, so I'll just say I hope you will enjoy it!


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Nov 30, 2021
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Nov 30, 2021

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I was able to access Klaus' route. Took a bit of time, but thanks to that hint, I was able to get it.


new sprite for Travis yes!

Is there any specific way to get onto Klaus' route? He's not a choice for a room buddy, unless I'm just blind.


It's a bit more complicated than that, because it's sort of a semi-secret route. I can give you a hint, it's accessible through Bjorn and Devon routes, but you need to know him somewhat beforehand to switch to his route.


i could tell you if you want to know but i think it might take out some fun for other people so if you want to know then it will contain spoilers i think

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Please tell :) you can put spoiler

Please tell