Dawn Chorus v0.19 - Lake & Jørgen update

Hi all, Keo here!

This month I have an update for Lake and Jorgen for you. There are no rewrites this time, only new content. Next upcoming update after this one is for Rune and Devon, with the part for Devon scheduled for release before the end of this month.


- new content for Lake and Jørgen routes (roughly half of their Day 2 content, featuring the route split)
- a new character finally gets her introduction (!)
- for the first time, an new illustration by our new illustration artist Prince O' Sky!


Dawn_Chorus-0.19.1-pc.zip 255 MB
Mar 28, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.19.1-mac.zip 220 MB
Mar 28, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.19.1-android.apk 237 MB
Mar 28, 2022

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ah yes, the gay roommates


Lake uwu Lake i am gonna drown


they should add a frog as a clown 


forget exams this is important


Hmm. I think Lake and Torulf either we're together once/are together or they're into each other but not in a relationship. That's just a speculation though. Can't wait for the truth to come out!

(1 edit) (+1)

omg this...the whole torulf route where he (possible spoilers stop reading new players here)

Has to call someone or cancel something before you can crash at his place. (unless that was an old version and am misremembering) had me assuming he was canceling a planned hook up with lake to let you crash >_>