Dawn Chorus v0.20 - Devon update

Hi all!

I'm coming back to you with an update for Devon's route. It's one of the smaller ones, but goes all the way to the end of Day 2 for Devon. I hope you'll like it!
A bigger update for Rune is out on Patreon today too, and will be here a month after that.


  • - Around 4500 words of new content for Devon
  • - Various changes and fixes


Dawn_Chorus-0.20.1-pc.zip 268 MB
Apr 29, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.20.1-mac.zip 233 MB
Apr 29, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.20.1-android.apk 250 MB
Apr 29, 2022

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devon is so precious! i love him so muchhh =//w//=


I swear to god, the timing, just as im about to head to bed and an update is up lol

hi can you set the windows os on the pc build ? I cant dowmload the update via the itch app


Oh, sorry, forgot about it completely. Done now :) 

thank you :D