Dawn Chorus v0.21 - Rune update

Hi all, Keo here!

Finally, after the wait longer than I anticipated, I'm releasing the update for Rune. The new content goes all the way until the end of Day 2 and has some of my favourite scenes so far.

The work on this one and the previous one for Devon was rather slow, for which I apologise. This and the last month were very turbulent for me, mired with problems both personal and more global. This new update has >6500 words of new content, most of which I wrote in the second half of the month, and for the first time in who knows how long I managed to sit down to the piano and compose something new for the visual novel. The next update we're working on, for Bjørn, is already much longer and will feature more new illustrations, which are already available for our patrons as a sneak peek.

Thank you for your patience!


  1. more than 6500 words of new content for Rune, the rest of Day 2 for him 
  2. two (!) new stunning illustrations by Prince O' Sky
  3. a new track by me (including two variations)


Dawn_Chorus-0.21.2-android.apk 249 MB
May 29, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.21.2-pc.zip 267 MB
May 29, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.21.2-mac.zip 233 MB
May 29, 2022

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Is runes route finished? If so ill be sad i loved his character.


I hope this wasn't the end, it felt very final so if it is I will definitely be able to enjoy the bittersweet quality of it.


I was looking through the game files the other day, and accidentally found the .mp3 file for Rune's scene on the roof and spoiled it for myself! Just thought it was funny and wanted to share.


Wow! I never realized that you are one of the composers for the VN, too! What a great set of talents you have!


Almost all of the tracks in the vn are mine; I have the soundtrack uploaded here: https://buildingslikeradiators.bandcamp.com/album/dawn-chorus-soundtrack

so very nice. I bookmarked it so i can come back and listen whenever i need to. Thank you for sharing it with me!


Omg, the ‘ending’ was so sweet!!


my Rune🥰


So exciting!