Dawn Chorus v0.22 - Bjørn update

Hi all, Keo here!

The update for Bjørn's route is finally here! It turned out to be one of the biggest updates we've had at almost 14k words of text only (not counting any code), featuring extensive choices and branches, more than a few previous updates, and several scenes that were tricky to get right.

Other than the continuation of Bjørn's route, there are also two new illustrations and the new sprite for Torulf, which differs from the previous one in subtle ways, but the overall impression is definitely different; I hope you'll all like the new him!


  • More than13.5k words of new content for Bjørn 
  • New illustration with a few alternative variants for Bjørn's route by Bakemonoy 
  • New illustration for Bjørn's route by hq 
  • New sprite for Torulf
  • New sprite for Professor Arne


Dawn_Chorus-0.22.2-pc.zip 271 MB
Jul 07, 2022
Dawn_Chorus-0.22.2-mac.zip 236 MB
Jul 07, 2022
Jul 07, 2022

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does anyone know the twitter of the artist of Bjorn illustrations



Thank you for this update!!! I very much like Bjorn and to think things would move so fast so soon is a little unexpected but still appreciated. I just want to see the afterglow of what happens next. How they'll act around each other after that night, and how their relationship will develop from here on out.

I must say Bjorn feels relatable since his backstory is similar to a lot of students, but I still look forward to how he develops and grows as a person.

Here's hoping to the next chapter of his story~

i am still wondering how its not loading for me  i dont know what to do


yess!! i'm so excited to see more of Bjørn's route!!

it's delightful and juicy... XD