Dawn Chorus v0.23 - Torulf update

Hi all, Keo here!

I'm coming back to you with an update for Torulf. As usual, it grew much bigger than I anticipated, and I'm happy to say that the finished thing is almost 16k words long

I had hoped that the update would go until the end of Day 2, but the amount of work proved to be a bit too much due to the extensive branching, so it ends a bit earlier. I didn't manage to get the planned NSFW scene done in this update, and I'd rather take my time with it than rush it. Sorry about that!

Next update will be for Mikko before I go back to Lake and Jorgen.


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I thought this game was supposed to be wholesome



-spoiler message-

Dang didnt know Mikko would go this far! I ended my friendship with him and the bad part is arvo is gonna blame himself all the time he thinks of his friendship with Mikko. 😥

I hate Mikko's route because I relate so much with Arvo, having gone through the same trouble as him so... I can both understand why he would prefer to end their frendship, and why he would blame himself too


he stood up for himself for the first and last time thats how I see arvo he seems like the silent person who will be hurt and say nothing so I had to end his friendship with mikko fast. 😭


Even if mikko was saying the truth he just says it out in the open and he puts him on the spot with so little time to choose and make a good decision.


well, I feel that Arvo started ending the friendship years ago when he ghosted the lil dude. Mikko just decided to finish it for him. It's not fair to keep Mikko hoping and treat him like a rebound or a last choice when Arvo's a mess himself and finding friendship with other people.