Dawn Chorus v0.24 - Mikko update

Hi all, Keo here!

I'm coming back with a finished update for Mikko route. This time it's almost 10k words, split between two paths. I had tons of fun writing this one, I hope you'll like it too!


Dawn_Chorus-0.24.2-pc.zip 277 MB
66 days ago
Dawn_Chorus-0.24.2-mac.zip 242 MB
66 days ago
com.dawnchorus.dawnchorus-0.24.2.apk 259 MB
66 days ago

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I wonder if the second path is coming in the second update.

For some reason this route makes me really sad, I don't know.


Let's go!!! New Dawn Chorus upda-

wait. what do you mean there are 2 paths.



I downloaded 24.3 but I think it still cuts off where 24.2 did, directly after being in Mikko's room.

This seems intentional, something else was fixed I can assure you :)

I must be missing it, thank you

Is the second path broken? I've come to a point where I got back to Mikko's room, then it abruptly go back to the main screen without a warning

Yes, I'm not sure how it happened, but one of the files reverted to the state from mid-month update instead of the final one. I uploaded the fixed builds now, thank you!

Yay, looking forward to more wolf cuteness :)


Two paths? Where was the second one?

Yay little wolf boy!