Community board time!

Hi all,

As some of you might have noticed (hopefully as little of you as possible), we've been having problems with spam comments with adult materials and suspicious links in the recent days. For quite some time now I've been thinking of switching from comments section to a community board after Day 2 is done,  but seeing this I decided to speed it up a bit and make the switch in the upcoming week.

It won't be a big change for most of you, and for those who wanted a place better suited for actual discussion, it might be just that.

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Just started playing in SFW mode. Gonna check the other as well. 
By the way ignore the bots and the casper's – enjoy the story 

^^ This story made me feel things that I couldn't explain but in any case it felt good ^w^ Thanks <3333 

This legitimately might be the most impactful piece of literature I've read, especially with Rune and Mikko because not only do I relate to them on a deep level, they're actions and dialogue has really connected with me personally. All of this is just so sincere and has made me think about a whole lot recently. I think it might be influenced by how the characters seem to know each other without speaking combined with each of their unique pasts. This story is so well done, it has made me feel things I didn't know I could feel in a good way.

curse them bots. beep bop

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i really hope a throuple with jorgen and lake-

I saw some people who want it too, please think about it

also, sorry for bad grammar, english is not my native language skdsakdajl i dont think throuple is the word, just saw on google :'


oh this. I didn't notice this game was also getting spammed, sorry you're going through this, and I hope the bots either get banned or something stops it.


Won't the bots just post in the discussions instead?


I doubt, that's a few more clicks away. Other devs I consulted about this recommended the same.